YoWorld (formerly known as YoVille) was a social virtual world game developed by Big Viking Games and published by Zynga. It is available on Facebook and mobile platforms.

In YoWorld, players could create and customize their own avatars, decorate their virtual homes, interact with other players, participate in various activities and mini-games, and engage in virtual socializing.

The game allowed players to express their creativity by designing their living spaces and outfits, making it a popular choice among those who enjoyed virtual world experiences and social interactions. It combined elements of simulation, customization, and social networking.

You need a computer or mobile device to play YoWorld also its free-to-play.This indicates that the game can be comfortably played for free; however, there is a fee for additional optional features like YoWorld VIP, a service that requires a monthly subscription. The virtual currencies YoCoins (Attention Virtual Currency - Awarded to players based on how they engage with the game, "attention") and YoCash (Secondary Virtual Currency - Awarded through gameplay, too, albeit less frequently and frequently purchased) can also be purchased with real money. Additionally, the game offers several free ways to earn this virtual currency.

YoWorld's History

Originally, YoWorld was introduced as a decorating-focused game in 2008. During this time, the primary objective for players revolved around embellishing their virtual homes and fostering social interactions by sharing ideas. Initially, the game's content was centered around furnishing virtual rooms with various decorations.

Over time, as more clothing items were incorporated into the game, a fashion culture emerged. This addition, coupled with the existing décor elements and the introduction of the YoCash currency, laid the foundation for the game to establish its own self-sustaining virtual economy. Subsequently, the game's event feature evolved into something akin to a virtual marketplace. This transformation allowed YoWorld players not only to host parties but also to engage in sales and establish trading hubs.

The assortment of items available within YoWorld consistently expanded and diversified, particularly after the year 2011. This expansion sparked increased interest in alternative forms of gameplay, such as role-playing. Additionally, a subset of players became more focused on buying and selling virtual goods, shaping an era that can be considered YoWorld's virtual renaissance. The coexistence of these various virtual cultures opened up new avenues for YoWorld players to connect and socialize in innovative ways.

Economic Challenges

What was once a flourishing and robust economy in YoWorld eventually encountered hardships. Certain players, such as price manipulators and computer vandals, set out to exploit YoWorld and its economy. This surge in exploits and vulnerabilities within the game led to the production of fake YoCoins and YoCash, resulting in a virtual economic inflation. This inflationary trend made it increasingly difficult for players with limited resources to actively participate in the game's economy, leading to the emergence of two distinct classes: the extremely wealthy and the significantly disadvantaged. This economic imbalance was particularly pronounced in 2012.

To address these issues, Zynga initiated waves of bans to counteract these activities, effectively closing off and temporarily resolving many loopholes and problems. Additionally, in an effort to mitigate inflation, Zynga introduced the "Blast from the Past" release, reintroducing classic items into the game to reduce their value. The intention was to encourage players to engage in shopping sprees, thus alleviating the excess YoCoins and YoCash that were negatively impacting the game's economy. Unfortunately, other players also resorted to various methods to scam their fellow players.

Economic Recovery
Under the administration of Big Viking Games, YoWorld implemented several strategies to mend its economy, leading to a partial restoration that approached its original state. This effort aimed to establish a fairer economic landscape compared to its previous developers' tenure. The restoration of the events feature played a significant role in this endeavor, contributing to the improved circulation of currency within the economy. Additionally, a revamped trading system was introduced, effectively minimizing the possibility of scams. Notably, the updated trading system even allowed for the trading of YoCash, enhancing the economic dynamics.

Geographical Setting
YoWorld is an expansive and diverse realm. However, the game's narrative unfolds within a coastal city nestled within the mountainous terrains of YoWorld. This locale experiences all four seasons, placing it in a temperate zone. According to the game's developers, YoWorld itself is characterized as an Earth-like planet existing in an alternate universe or dimension.