How to buy items in YoWorld? What money we use in YoWorld? How much items cost in YoWorld?

YoWorld YoCoins

In the game, YoCoins serve as a virtual currency utilized by players to acquire a wide array of items, including furniture, collectibles, and more. YoCoins were the primary currency at the inception of YoWorld. Subsequently, another virtual currency named YoCash was introduced. It's important to note that YoCash was not intended to supplant YoCoins; instead, it serves a distinct purpose. YoCash is specifically employed to procure premium items.

Visual Presentation

YoCoins manifest as -petite, gleaming coins crafted from gold, embellished with an intricately carved "Y." The side featuring the "Y" is assumed to represent the coin's obverse (front), while information regarding any potential distinctions on the reverse (back) remains undisclosed. In their initial incarnation, YoCoins bore dollar symbols on their surfaces; however, it was only in subsequent developments that the "Y" design was integrated into their face designs.

How to earn YoCoins ?

To earn YoCoins tends to be more straightforward compared to earning YoCash within the game.

You can purchase

To purchase your YoCoins balance, you can navigate to the "Add YoCash" section and choose the "YoCoins" option. The game regularly offers exclusive deals and packages involving both YoCoins and YoCash for players to capitalize on. Keep in mind that any external websites or individuals offering virtual currency for sale are invariably scams.

How you can earn YoCoins Free?

  • Claim your Daily Log-In Bonus.
  • Engage in tasks at the Widgets Factory.
  • Participate in jobs and accomplish tasks.
  • Visit your neighbors daily, unearthing special chests or engaging in coin-gathering runs.
  • Compete and secure victories in races at the Speedway.
  • Engage in Game Events like Pageants, Eliminations, and 4 Corners.
  • Partake in YoFish and emerge victorious.
  • Engage in item sales, host events, and trade with fellow players.
  • Snap Selfies. Progress through room levels to access complimentary YoCoin bonuses.
  • Outsmart other players in Rock-Paper-Scissors or Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Collect and unlock daily Coin Chest gifts from friends and neighbors.

Yoworld Yocash

YoCash stands as a second virtual currency within the game, dedicated to obtaining premium items like cats and dogs. Unlike YoCoins, securing YoCash proves to be more challenging. A common route to acquire YoCash involves purchasing it using real-world currencies, although it can also be won during distinctive events. It retains the ability to be traded, positioning it as a more exclusive currency compared to YoCoins. On January 16, 2009, YoCash was first introduced as a novel currency within the game.

Various commodities in YoWorld demand YoCash, encompassing items such as chairs, beds, toilets, and assorted furniture pieces. Select clothing accessories like hats or handheld items are exclusive to YoCash. However, as of 2013, a growing number of accessories, such as gloves, necklaces, rings, and even certain chairs and stools, have become available for purchase with YoCoins.

Visual Presentation

YoCash takes the form of rectangular green bills, featuring a central "Y" print. The bill's borders sport an understated design. Throughout the game's history, YoCash has generally maintained a consistent visual design.

How you can earn YoCash?

You can purchase YoCash with real money. The "Buy More YoCash" section facilitates the purchase of YoCash via credit cards or PayPal accounts. In-game, players frequently encounter Special Discounts or Offers, presenting opportunities to acquire YoCash through distinctive packages and deals. It's crucial to note that any external sources or individuals offering virtual currency for sale are fraudulent.

How you can earn free YoCash?

  • Special Events occasionally provide opportunities to earn YoCash, such as decorating contests or outfit design competitions.
  • Reporting game exploits to BVG's YW Bug Bounty email is incentivized with a small YoCash reward.
  • Upon leveling up approximately every five levels (refer to Levels), players receive complimentary YoCash.
  • Trading proves to be another avenue for obtaining YoCash, particularly through YoCash Dealers at prevailing rates.
  • Selling items for YoCash is possible through both in-game sales and the Auction House.
  • Engaging in YoCash gambling at the Lucky Casino presents a chance to win additional YoCash, although it's important to exercise caution, as gambling can lead to addiction.
  • YoCash Dealers, players possessing substantial YoCash amounts, can procure the desired YoCash item for you and then exchange it for coins. They operate on a per YoCash rate.Actual rate of YoCash in the market is 50K coins per YoCash
  • Special Offers Periodically, special YoCash offers arise, enabling the purchase of more YoCash for real-world currency compared to the "Buy More YoCash" section. These offers often come bundled with items and YoCoins. However, these special offers are time-limited.